We’ve decided for some time now that Adapttech will be joining AOPA National Assembly 2019 in San Diego, California, and this is very exciting for a couple of reasons. 

1. We will take this opportunity to make the official product launch of INSIGHT. This means that we will be conducting live demonstrations of all of the INSIGHT components while showcasing how can our system help O&P clinics to provide better care for their patients. If you’re also joining, trust us: you can’t miss it. Book it right away!

2. This is also a very good chance for our team to finally show the world what they have been developing, and they’re eager to do it. We have been constantly improving INSIGHT based on clinical studies and user feedback, and this will be a key test to understand if we’re moving in the right direction.

3. Last but not least, we will be in sunny California.

The backstage of our road to AOPA


This can all sound easy-peasy, but it’s definitely not. Participating in a huge event such as AOPA involves a lot of preparation and backstage work. To make sure everything would run smoothly, we gathered a small but very capable team to put all pieces together. Here we will give you a little insight (this time we’re not talking about our product) of how we are making it happen. 

The first thing that we defined was the budget. It would dictate what to do and how much we could spend on each required item or service. Defining a budget right from the start can help us a lot in framing the type of presence we will be able to have at the event. In addition, it also helps keeping us grounded and focusing on creating value. By making choices based on the return we can get, we can maximize our investment. The real-time demos, for example, are only possible due because we’ve slightly grown our budget since last fairs.

The second phase is related to the message. What is the story we want to tell? How can we show the kind of company we are? How can we get to people? Obviously, we want to present our product and how we developed it, but is equally importantly for people to understand why are we working on this and how we can really impact prosthetists’ work and patients’ quality of life. 

In order to achieve both goals, we have decided to convey our message using different supports. We have re-designed our website, made new videos and update our flyers. All of them with a very specific target in mind. Our focus, of course, is on prosthetists and the impact we can have on a clinic

Creating the perfect experience

It’s super important to make sure that the design of the stage where we are going to present everything matches our narrative. We’re talking about the booth!

Booth scheme for AOPA National Assembly 2019

Booth scheme for AOPA National Assembly 2019

If one of our main priorities will be the demos and showing off INSIGHT, the booth has to be ready for it. We want the product accessible and ready for people to try it and ask questions. In order to do that, we will build parallel bars for so people to safely walk with the INSIGHT Wearable and Sensors, a huge TV screen to stream INSIGHT App and we will have a INSIGHT Scanner to scan sockets. This way, we can show our products and how would they fit inside an O&P clinic.

We will also have a big screen to accommodate another powerful communication tool: videos. Even if you can’t be there in time for a live demo, we can show the function of the product, and quickly explain how it works and the value it brings.

Alongside the communication of the value of our product, we want to show the technology used, the available features and the design. The better way is to this is to have physically the devices, so people can touch them, interact, use them and get a feel the quality of the materials. That one of the main reasons that we want to make live demos of INSIGHT.

In the end, it is simple: we designed this product for prosthetists to use it, so we literally want to place it in their hands.

Are you missing it? Come and meet us!