For a whole year we have been wondering which name would become the embodiment of our team's effort, our sleepless nights, our stresses and worries. Finding the perfect name for our product was always a big concern and no name was, until today, good enough.

Among other criteria, we were looking for something that would be able to easily stick in anyone's head, understandable and at the same time would sound as innovative as our product is —without being pretentious. In addition, the outcome of that decision would follow Adapttech for the rest of its life as a company. No pressure, right?

After a year of many options and a lot of indecision, we have finally found the perfect name for our product. World, let us present you Insight

The long process of naming our product

Sofia, one of our biomedical engineers, was the brilliant mind behind it. As she cleverly explains, "all along we were sticking to our placeholders: tRing, tAnalyser, tLaser... and tWhatever. For each component of the to-be product was at some point a "t". It was obvious for us that the naming should be re-thought".

The real struggle was to find a single name that would be representative of all the small parts in a satisfactory way:

1. the computer vision to look at the inner surface of the socket;

2. the hardware and firmware to sense the socket-stump interface;

3. the backend connecting it all and the frontend to make it all look nice.

And of course, it should also be representative of the mission to be an innovative tool with the goal of improving the prosthetist understanding and supporting a faster socket adjustment for a faster process and an happier patient.

For weeks, the glasswalls were filled with keywords and ideias, mythology was explored for the possibility of an epic name and even the history of prosthesis and etymology were considered as sources of inspiration.

We were literally in a constant flow and loop of ideas: "The product is to sense, to interpret, to bring comfort, to quantify, to adapt...". And following those ideas, a special name came up: Insight. The word had a nice ring to it and perfectly described our goal: "to provide a better insight to the prosthetist", explains Sofia.

We wanted the product's name to be as descriptive as possible and as if it wasn't already good enough, an acronym option came up with the new name: Inner Socket Information GatHering Tool. Mission accomplished.

Get to know more about our product, here.