We’re improving people’s lives. Would you like to join?

We are Adapttech, a biomedical startup that brings new smart technologies to market that improve the quality of life for people with physical limitations. 

Our first product, INSIGHT, is a combined socket interior 3D scanner, patient wearable, and iPad app to analyze residual limb-socket fittings. It empowers clinicians to accurately fit lower limb prostheses and monitor rehabilitation.



We are looking for a Algorithms Engineer that masters the art of developing algorithms and appreciates the challenge of making them run across all types of platforms. They are to be integrated at scale in patient-focused solutions, through the use of image, pressure and inertial data. 

The ideal candidate must be a fast learner and should be willing to join a fast-growing company with a startup culture. We’re looking for a creative, innovative and self-driven person. It is also very important for us that you can fit our company and team values. 



  • Basic knowledge of signal and image processing techniques

  • Proficiency in C++ and Python (specifically with the Data Science stack of numpy, pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn)

  • Familiarity with the most common Machine Learning algorithms

  • Knowledge of software development tools such as git for version control

  • Very good English communication skills (you will use it on a daily basis)



We will also value experience in the following topics:

  • Computer vision techniques for 3D reconstruction

  • IMU sensing and 3D tracking techniques based on it

  • Automated testing, CI and CD

  • Proven ability to design and implement end-to-end ML pipelines

  • Human biomechanics



  • A great working environment: you’ll be part of a young, motivated and friendly team

  • Competitive salary and other perks

  • The possibility of growing with the company: we want to become a worldwide reference in innovation, design, and quality in the medical devices industry.



Adapttech prouds itself of its strong values and its diverse and talented team, who wishes to become a worldwide reference in the biomedical devices industry.


  • Our actions are reflections of our own values

  • Respect governs our relationships with customers, employees and all those engaged with Adapttech

  • We are, and will always be, responsible for everything we do

  • We have an open door policy and any idea, comment or suggestion is always more than welcome

  • We know what we have to do, and we are always going to deliver

  • We are passionate about everything we do